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Research Assistant Team

Kenna Ducoff

I am currently a Junior studying Organizational Psychology with minors in both Leadership Studies and Global Studies. I am broadly interested in the research area of individual differences and how they relate to various workplace outcomes. 


Grace Brown

I am a junior studying Psychology and Criminology. A few of my research interests include attachment theory as well as prosocial behavior and health.

Grace Brown.jpg

Nikki Katz 

I am a senior studying psychology with a concentration in behavioral neuroscience. One of my research interests is improving diagnostic and treatment strategies for women and girls with developmental disorders, specifically ASD/ADHD, and how to effectively communicate and apply these findings in the clinical setting!


Anooha Dasari

I am a sophomore studying psychology. In my time as a research assistant for the Social Action Lab, I've enjoyed working with research regarding social media's impact and role in relation to COVID-19.


Lindsey Klepper

I am currently a senior from Naperville, Illinois studying psychology with a concentration in clinical/community psychology. I also have two minors in sociology and communications. My research interests include mood disorders in children.


Gwiwon Choi

I am a senior majoring in psychology with a Clinical/Community concentration. One of my research interests is psychotherapy and intervention for victims of sex crimes. 


Rosie Chen


I am a junior majoring in psychology. My concentration might be clinical psychology or developmental psychology. I am interested in the influence of parenting style during the childhood of people and the impact of social relations on people. 


Mengqian Wu


I am a senior student majoring in psychology and economics with a minor in statistics. My research interests are psycholinguistics and educational technology so far. Nice to meet you!


Iris Yan


I am a junior majoring in psychology and statistics. My interests are in stress, anxiety and depression among teenagers. 


Haley Paffumi​

I am currently a senior from Chicago, Illinois studying psychology with a concentration in clinical psychology, and a minor in criminology. I have many research interests in this field, but my main research interests are in studying psychopathology and deviance. I am inspired to learn more surrounding abnormal conditions in society and apply medical diagnosis, treatment strategies, and effectively apply findings in the clinical environment and compare to our everyday life. I am grateful for an opportunity in the lab and am looking forward to an exciting year!

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Carol Guo

I'm a senior double major in statistics and econometrics with a minor in psychology. My research interests include behavioral psychology, quantitative psychology, and other interesting topics that combine modeling, data analysis, and psychology. I'm looking to explore more about how social behavior influences decision making and how to apply some statistical methods in it.

Photo - Yuqiao Guo.JPG

Muhammad Fadag

I am a junior studying physics with a minor in psychology. My researching interests include attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs, and I am looking forward to learning more about organizational psychology and people how people perform in the workplace. Fun Fact: My favorite food is sushi!

IMG-20190621-WA0008 - Muhammad Fadag.jpg

Zyana Cabrera

I am a sophomore from Chicago, IL, studying Psychology and Spanish. I have a wide range of research interests, but one of my favorite topics is interactions and relationships between people of different social groups. I enjoy analyzing the impact that these social dynamics have on live interactions and more broadly in society. I'm looking to learn more about the psychological field and effective research methods. I also love meeting new people and making new friends!

IMG_1511 - Zyana Cabrera.jpeg

Tiffany Ho

Hi! I'm currently a sophomore studying marketing with a minor in industrial-organizational psychology. I'm interested in learning more about ways to maximize workplace efficiency and how certain attitudes and behaviors correspond to workplace environment. I would also like to explore the correlation between social media activity and company success, as the online presence of businesses are more prevalent than ever.

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Diann Moon

I'm currently a sophomore studying psychology with a minor in Economics. My research interests are persuasion and propaganda and how it relates to marketing.

IMG_4169 - Diann Moon.JPG

Lucy Yewon Park

Lucy is a research assistant at the Social Action Lab. Originally from South Korea, she received her BS in Psychology (Distinction) from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. With a focus on fake news and misinformation, she is interested in examining the decision-making process, persuasion, and cultural differences.

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